Sarah Grace

Sarah Grace

New England born and raised, Sarah Grace was no stranger to competitive sports. Growing up with 2 older brothers and an athletic father you could definitely say I was a tomboy. At eighteen, I had an opportunity to do some work as a ring card girl for professional boxing. I met and made friends with a few coaches and fighters and initially took up the sport for fun.   With extensive training from my coaches I entered my first fight. I didn’t win the decision but I was hooked and went on to win other fights. Boxing has remained a passion of mine and I use it in training clients.

In 2009, I played strong safety for the LFL’s Miami Caliente. Due to injury, I had to give up playing the sport. When the opportunity came to take up competing in women’s figure, I welcomed the challenge. My first show was in July of 2010. South Florida’s largest show, The Southern States, where I went in to compete in bikini as a way to watch and learn about figure. On October 23rd, I won 1st place in my class at NPC’s Dayana Cadeau Classic qualifying for the nationals.  I went on to compete in NPC’s Team Universe and The Nationals the following year.

More recently I have begun training and competing in Crossfit.

Currently I reside in sunny south Florida. I received my CPTS credentials after attending and graduating from Fitness Institute International. I also have certifications from American College of Sports Medicine and afaa’s Aerobic and Fitness Association of America.  My specialties include boxing, weight loss, athletic training, as well as bodybuilding and nutrition counseling.

I find great fulfillment in training hard, lifting heavy, and working as a personal trainer. I am passionate about educating, encouraging, and helping others find physical strength as well as mental.

“Its not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the fight in the dog”



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